Lisa Bredahl

Lisa Bredahl, originally from Northern Michigan, has performed professionally with 3 x 3 Dance, Company Dance Traverse, Young Michigan Dances, Kalamazoo Junior Dance Co, West Michigan Dance Collaborative and many productions through Western Michigan University’s Dance Department.   Ms. Lisa originally trained with Elisa Brabenec and Julie Rice in Traverse City,  and continued at Western Michigan University with Sharon Garber, David Curwen, Eugene Mills, Jane Baas, Lindsey Thomas, and Nina Nelson.  She received her Bachelors of Arts in Dance from  Western  Michigan  University in 1999.  She has also studied with master teachers including, Martine van Hamel of ABT, Charthel Arther of Grand Rapids Ballet and Joffery, Paul Sutherland, and Paul Abrahamson of Chicago Ballet.  Ms. Lisa enjoys taking classes at Hubbard Street and Joel Hall in Chicago several times per year, and she has been teaching dance since 1985.