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eventIn June of 2015, the Citadel Dance Department presented an all new ballet written and produced by Director of Dance, Lari Lawrence-Gist, entitled “Steamed”. "A Steamed Nutcracker" features a 30 piece symphony orchestra.

We introduced the audience to the main character, Sansa, who traveled thru time to try to prevent the destruction of the Earth at the hands of corrupt Scientists who cared more for their inventions than that of the health and safety of the environment. In this Steampunk version of the classic “Nutcracker”, our heroine continues her journey. Sansa returns home to celebrate the holidays with her friends and family “a long time ago”. The Seer follows her to warn her that Pirates are coming to kidnap her, but Sansa banishes the Seer before she can show her the prophesy. The pirates ascend her home in the sky (a zeppelin) and a battle ensues. Sansa’s prince, (the Nutcracker) saves her, but during the action she is knocked unconscious. Her dreams are a Steampunk fantasy where all the characters of “Steamed” appear in extraordinary scenes. “A Steamed Nutcracker” is open to dancers of ALL ages and abilities. Dancers 3-7 may sign up at the Registration.

There is a $125 fee for this performance to cover costuming and production costs.

2017 Cast has been announced

Click here to download the Nutcracker Cast Packet

The Seer:  Lari Lawrence-Gist - Understudy: Oliviana Moreno
Sansa: Paige Mulick - Understudy: Artemisia Johnson-Stanish
Nutcracker: TBA
Pirate Queen: Rachel Kurland - Understudy: Nikki Chapman
Fiametta: Reagan Lifferth - Understudy: Savana Glisson
Brammall: TBA - Understudy: Rowan White

Aviators/Ball Guests/Team Sansa in Battle
Artemisia Johnson-Stanish, Lola Laurent, Ceili Oliver, Stella Rusk, Anya Walls, Zach Hall, Rowan White, Shay White 

Pirates/Ball Guests/Team PQ in Battle
Nikki Chapman, Hannah Durham, Savana Glisson, Laura Hall, Ellia Kantor, Oliviana Moreno, Mari Stegman, Ella Titcomb 

Household Staff
Shannon Durham, Alyssa Gould, Ajah Thompson

Ornaments/Tree (Act One)
Maeve Finnigan, Genevieve Gatt, Abrielle Harrell, Harley Harrell, Annabelle Holt, Amelia Lifferth, Marley Momany, Darby Oliver, Makenna O’Donaghue, Titan Shaw

Trumpet Player in the Clock TBA

Baby Birds (Act One Ball, Three Eyed Ravens, Act Two Baby Birds)
Amelia Lifferth, Ava Neidlinger, Annabelle Shall, Avery Valenti

Angelbots TBA

Nikki Chapman, Hannah Durham, Savana Glisson, Laura Hall, Artemisia Johnson-Stanish, Ellia Kantor, Rachel Kurland, Reagan Lifferth, Oliviana Moreno, Anya Walls, Rowan White

Three Eyed Ravens
Nikki Chapman, Hannah Durham, Shannon Durham, Savana Glisson, Laura Hall, Artemisia Johnson-Stanish, Ellia Kantor, Rachel Kurland, Reagan Lifferth, Oliviana Moreno, Mari Stegman, Anya Walls  
See also: Baby Birds

Lily Arnold, Maeve Finnigan, Genevieve Gatt, Annabelle Holt, Hadley House, Amelia Lifferth, Marley Momany, Makenna O’Donaghue, Darby Oliver, Titan Shaw

Father Thyme TBA

Laura Hall, Artemisia Johnson-Stanish, Rowan White  Understudies: Anya Walls, Ceili Oliver

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