Our mission is to develop the skills and character of individuals of every age and ethnicity

through dance & music education & performance

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Reopening August 3 for onsite instruction. Virtual instruction is still an option. See Music Reopening Procedures under NEWS.


music5Susan Dietrich-Reed, Executive Director, Director of Music

Artistic Staff

Matthew Booth, Double Bass

Lisa Bubar, Bassoon

Luke Cook, Cello

Gary Cooper, Trombone/Tuba & Low Brass

Dixie Detgen, Oboe

Susan Dietrich-Reed, Cello

Danny Dine, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele

Andrew Fisher- Voice

Adam Jones, Drums

Christina Kelly - Violin & Viola

Marla Matthews, Piano/Voice

Danny Lopez, Trumpet

Denall Miller, Flute

Larissa Morand, Kindermusik, Music Therapy, Piano, Guitar & Ukulele

Beth Oeseburg, Violin/Viola

Candace Onweller, Piano, Voice

Emily Mikel Rowe, Clarinet & Beginning Saxophone

Sean Sinnett, Violin/Viola

Vladimir Slavujevic, Piano/Voice

Erica Slikkers- Violin

Joanna Steinhauser, Violin

Sara Thomas, Cello