Our mission is to develop the skills and character of individuals of every age and ethnicity

through dance & music education & performance

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Unfortunately there's insufficient enrollment to run these classes. Contact us about private lessons instead.

9 -10:30      Beginning Violin & Viola (ages 8 & up)

10:30-12     Intermediate Strings (those with 1-2 yrs private or school orchestra experience)

12-130        Beginning Cello & Bass

Instructors - Rachel Cabanilla-Sinnett, Sean Sinnett, Luke Cook & Susan Dietrich-Reed

Friendly faces are needed at the Music Center Monday - Friday from 3 - 8pm.  Pick a day and a few hours weekly you can volunteer. Any amount of time you can give is welcome. cotnact us for more information.

The Citadel partners with Lake Michigan Catholic Schools to provide String Instruction on violin, viola & cello for 4th - 8th graders. Classes meet on Monday & Tuesdays throughout the school year Students are bused from LMC to Citadel afer school. String demos and recruiting is held in early September.  Piano instruction is provided for selected 1st-3rd graders on Tuesdays at LMC Elementary. There are fees for both programs. Contact us for mor information.

LAUGH & LEARN  (infants - age 4)

July 26 - August 16    Thursdays 10-10:45am 0R  5-5:45pm  SPLASH    Infants - age 5

Sept 24 - Dec 17         Mondays 430 - 515 OR 515-6

$65 per month    $40 for siblings    SAVE  $170 for 3 months/ $100 siblings      Home materials kit included in fee.  4 week themes.
A parent or responsible adult must participate with their children under 5 

Come try a comp class on us!               


KINDERMUSIK & THE YOUNG CHILD (ages 5-7)   Sept 26, 2018 - Jan 23, 2019 (no classes 10/31 12/26 1/2)

Young Child 1   Wednesday 4-445
Fee: $300  (includes glockenspeil, tote bag & sticks)

Young Child 2   Wednesday 445-530
Fee $250.00 

Young Child 3  Wednesday    545-630
Fee $300  (includes dulcmer, case, picks, noter)

Classes are cumlative - you must complete Yound Child 1 prior to Young Child 2, etc. Students participate w/o parent although parents are welcome to observe. Class maximums are 10. No classes April 2-5

Larissa Morand - Licensed Kindermusik Educator & Music Therapist teaches all Kindermusik classes.

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