Our mission is to develop the skills and character of individuals of every age and ethnicity

through dance & music education & performance

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Friendly faces are needed at the Music Center Monday - Friday from 3 - 8pm.  Pick a day and a few hours weekly you can volunteer. Any amount of time you can give is welcome. cotnact us for more information.

LAUGH & LEARN/Wiggle & Grow  (infants - age 4)      Mondays 430 - 515pm  or 515-6pm

Sept 24 -Oct 15  Carnival of Music

Oct 22 - Nov 12   Around the Farm

Nov 19 - Dec 17  Animals a Dancin'    

$65 per month    $40 for siblings    SAVE  $170 for 3 months/ $100 siblings      Home materials kit included in fee.  4 week themes.
A parent or responsible adult must participate with their children under 5. Classes don't have to be consecutive months.

Come try a comp class on us!               



Sept 26, 2018 - Jan 23, 2019    (no classes 10/31 12/26 1/2, April 2-5 week)

Young Child 1   Wednesday 4-445
Fee: $300  (includes glockenspeil, tote bag & sticks)

Young Child 2   Wednesday 445-530
Fee $250.00 

Young Child 3  Wednesday    545-630
Fee $300  (includes dulcmer, case, picks, noter)

Classes are cumlative - you must complete Yound Child 1 prior to Young Child 2, etc. Students participate w/o parent although parents are welcome to observe. Class maximums are 10. No classes April 2-5. Maximum 8 in a class.

Larissa Morand - Licensed Kindermusik Educator & Music Therapist teaches all Kindermusik classes.

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Wed Sept 12th 7pm @ Citadel   Parent Meeting for NEW String Stuents (Grades 4-6)

Fall String 2018 Classes begin Oct 8 & 9th

Piano Classes for selected 1st-3rd graders on Tuesdays & Thursdays begin Sept 11th

The Citadel partners with Lake Michigan Catholic Schools to provide String Instruction on violin, viola & cello for 4th - 8th graders. Classes meet on Monday & Tuesdays throughout the school year Students are bused from LMC to Citadel afer school. String demos and recruiting is held in early September.  Piano instruction is provided for selected 1st-3rd graders on Tuesdays at LMC Elementary. There are fees for both programs. Contact us for mor information.