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08202014 Andrew Fisher007Andrew B. Fisher, a Southwestern Michigan native, has been a musician and singer for many years. Trained as a classical singer, Andrew studied vocal performance at both Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama and Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. While having a passion for classical music, Andrew is equally as passionate about other genres and has performed Jazz, Soul, Rock, R&B, Showtunes, Pop and much more.

Andrew's current passion project is his self-entitled jazz fusion group, The Andrew Fisher Quartet; which has achieved a level of success in the Michiana area. He also participates in multiple ventures such as choral singing in community choirs throughout the area, solo performances, guest appearances, performing in musicals, private vocal instruction, and coaching.

Andrew's philosophy in music is two-fold. First, as an instructor, his motto is, "May you leave taller than when you entered". Meaning that his goal is to inspire and uplift anyone he has a chance to work with. And secondly, his motto as a musician is, "To evoke the Affections". Meaning his desire is to help others value the connection music provides from the soul to an audience.