Our mission is to develop the skills and character of individuals of every age and ethnicity

through dance & music education & performance

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Why Virtual?

  • You aren’t ready to return to the studio.
  • We go back into quarantine and you need
  • Physical Exercise
  • An Emotional Outlet
  • Strength Conditioning to Maintain Your Instrument (Body)
  • Connection with your Dance Family
  • To Keep up Your Normal Schedule
  • A Creative Outlet
  • You can’t make it to the studio in time for an early class, or a class is too late, or you just don’t have a ride. Add a virtual class to your in-studio class schedule and don’t miss a thing!
  • Snow day!? Not any more!
  • You, or someone in your house, are sick. Tune in and never miss a beat!

What’s New?

  • Cameras! We have installed cameras in our studios to make it easier to follow class at home. Better quality sound and picture.
  • We are in a different point of our season and won’t be focused on learning choreography. Class will be class.
  • Knowledge and experience- yours and ours. You know now that you need the following things to be successful in taking a virtual dance class.
    • You need a dedicated space in your home that is NOT your bedroom. (Unless your room is huge and you can move without bumping your head, knees, elbows…)
    • You need to dress for class and have your hair up
    • Next to you, ready to drink when you need it.
    • Connection AT LEAST 5 Minutes before the start of class. Mute yourself and have your VIDEO ON (and leave it on). It also helps to have the video pointed at yourself J
    • No distractions. Let your family know you are in class. Turn off your phone (unless you are using it to log in). Treat yourself to your dance class.
  • Virtual curriculum!

These Classes Coming Soon!

Strength and Conditioning for Dancers

Morning Warm Up All Levels and Parents 

Pre School Craft Time 

Young Dancers Story Time 

Floor Barre Saturday 9:00-10:00 am

Sweat, Boogie, Stretch Dance Parents Only On Demand! FREE