Our mission is to develop the skills and character of individuals of every age and ethnicity

through dance & music education & performance

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See Covid Safety Protocol & Procedures for Dance & Music

Why Virtual?

  • You aren’t ready to return to the studio.
  • We go back into quarantine and you need
  • Physical Exercise
  • An Emotional Outlet
  • Strength Conditioning to Maintain Your Instrument (Body)
  • Connection with your Dance Family
  • To Keep up Your Normal Schedule
  • A Creative Outlet
  • You can’t make it to the studio in time for an early class, or a class is too late, or you just don’t have a ride. Add a virtual class to your in-studio class schedule and don’t miss a thing!
  • Snow day!? Not any more!
  • You, or someone in your house, are sick. Tune in and never miss a beat!

What’s New?

  • Cameras! We have installed cameras in our studios to make it easier to follow class at home. Better quality sound and picture.
  • We are in a different point of our season and won’t be focused on learning choreography. Class will be class.
  • Knowledge and experience- yours and ours. You know now that you need the following things to be successful in taking a virtual dance class.
    • You need a dedicated space in your home that is NOT your bedroom. (Unless your room is huge and you can move without bumping your head, knees, elbows…)
    • You need to dress for class and have your hair up
    • Next to you, ready to drink when you need it.
    • Connection AT LEAST 5 Minutes before the start of class. Mute yourself and have your VIDEO ON (and leave it on). It also helps to have the video pointed at yourself J
    • No distractions. Let your family know you are in class. Turn off your phone (unless you are using it to log in). Treat yourself to your dance class.
  • Virtual curriculum!

These Classes Coming Soon!

Strength and Conditioning for Dancers

Morning Warm Up All Levels and Parents 

Pre School Craft Time 

Young Dancers Story Time 

Floor Barre Saturday 9:00-10:00 am

Sweat, Boogie, Stretch Dance Parents Only On Demand! FREE

COVID Protocol Information for FALL   (Winter will have some changes if necessary)

  • Building Entrances
  • Main Studio Classes Enter from LAWN directly into the studio. Exit back corner into the back parking area behind Ghostlight
  • Oak Room Classes Enter Back/Side alley entrance to come up the stairs. Exit Same
  • Studio Three Enter and Exit thru the front door
  • Lobby will remain closed.
  • School Store shopping online or by appointment

Preparing to come to class

  • All dancers MUST bring a Dance Bag with a luggage tag with emergency information filled out
  • Your Name should be on EVERYTHING you have in your Dance Bag. Don’t forget your water bottle.
  • You must bring your own theraband and yoga mat. No sharing. Don’t forget to put your name on them.
  • You must have your own Hand Sanitizer attached to your Dance Bag
  • Put your phone away BEFORE you come into the studio. Don’t forget to turn it off.

Coming to Class

1) Line Up outside your designated entrance -6 feet apart please

2) Face Mask On Bring at least one extra, clean mask in your Dance Bag

3) Temperature Check and Sign In

4) Remove your street shoes

5) Put your Dance Bag in your designated space. These will be clearly labeled for you.

6) Put on your shoes if necessary, Sanitize Hands

7) Find your Dance Space, get excited…

8) DANCE!!!!

9) Gather Belongings, Sanitize Your Hands

10) Sign Out and Exit at designated exit

General Information

  • Lobby is closed. School Store shopping by appointment only
  • Restrooms are open and will be sanitized after every class
  • Dance Floors will be mopped every night and dry mopped between classes
  • Please read the Virtual Class Information.
  • Do you have a break between classes? You will still be able to eat/study in the kitchen between classes. A lobby assistant will still be on duty.

Nothing can stop us!  We won’t miss a beat!  We can’t wait to DANCE with you!

  • MASKS are to be worn by anyone not fully vacinated. Masks do not have to be worn by persons that are vacinnated. Disposable masks provided on site. 
  • Although lobbies and waiting areas are no longer closed, waiting is encouraged outside when nice.  
  • Students are encourage to use sanitizer. Sanitizer provided in lobby and studios
  • Wind and voice lessons occur behind plastic, see thru curtains. 
  • If you are sick, experiencing ANY Covid symptoms, have tested positive for COVID or are in quarantine should not to be onsite.