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V SlavujevicVladimir Slavujevic has 16 years of formal training in Europe and America. He has studied at two music schools in Serbia, the Royal Academy of Music in London, and voice from Trinity College of Music in London. He has also completed his Master of Music Degree from Andrews University. He has been a soloist and member of the Newbold College Choir and Andrews University Singers, and has traveled to ten European countries giving concerts with the Tyrifjord Academy Choir as a vocal and instrumental soloist. He has recorded many CDs in Serbian and English, and has two DVD music videos.

He served as the Music Director and Minister of Music at Tyrifjord High School/Academy in Norway, and has taught at Andrews University and the Salvation Army. The fall of 2009 will mark Mr. Slavujevic’s second year with the Citadel Dance and Music Center.

Mr. Slavujevic’s musical philosophy is that the majority of the population has enough musical ability to play as amateurs most music instruments, and many can sing. Making music not only brings enjoyment to listeners and performers, but also helps develop patience, perseverance, coordination, cooperation and sense of high quality that leads to better productivity and success in other activities and professions.